At , we want our learners to feel appreciated and welcomed. We hope learning with us is a peaceful, stress-free experience, and we want to continue upholding this standard even after a service has already been availed. To meet our goal of being the best examiners/evaluators of your knowledge, we train all of our staff members, evaluators and other stakeholders thoroughly. All customer support representatives meet customer concerns with the following actions:

  • Listen: We carefully gather all the details to understand the customer's needs.
  • Respond: We always respond to emails within 24 hours.
  • Investigate: We want to know what went wrong to minimize the chances of it happening again.
  • Make amends: We offer a 100% refund in case the customer is not satisfied at all even after corrective measures from our end.

If you have any feedback on our customer service policies, please submit a message using our contact form.

Warm Regards